Survivors of Human Trafficking

Angel Reins also welcomes Women Survivors of Human Trafficking. Many of these women have suffered not only physical trauma, but also mental abuse. The women find peace in the company of our gentle horses, dogs and cats. Studies show and we know from personal experience, that horses offer the gift of healing. Many of our visitors share how therapeutic horses are for them; they feel a sense of peace and hope while with the horses.  One beautiful attribute of horses is they just “know”. They often pick their person and help her heal through her trauma. Horses seem to understand, they pass no judgement. The women find comfort and healing in the presence of these majestic, peaceful animals. Often major breakthroughs are made merely by the women trusting their emotions with their chosen equine friend.

Benefits of Horse Therapy?

Horses can be an emotional mirror for humans. Horses are keen observers, vigilant and sensitive to movement and emotion. They often mirror a client’s behavior or emotions, conveying understanding and connection that allows the client to feel safe.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can feel debilitating, marked by increased arousal and reactivity, intrusive memories and nightmares, and avoidance symptoms after a traumatic event.
Although people can experience a variety of traumatic events that could influence the development of PTSD, those who have experienced sexual assault, as well as veterans who have experienced combat, are populations who tend to have higher rates of the development of PTSD.

Many survivors of Human Trafficking as well as Veterans have said that after what they’ve been through with their PTSD and depression, they never thought they’d be able to bond with someone again and feel that personal connection. But with their horse, they’re feeling that connection. They’re able to take that into the rest of their lives and into their relationships.

Dear Kathy

For the last 6 months I have been looking for something to help me begin recovering from my severe PTSD.  I’ve tried various other treatments and equine therapy has been the only thing that has been moving me forward in my recovery.  It’s a miracle how well you keep them fed and cared for.   I can tell you truly love your animals.

XOXO, Survivor