A Place of Horses and Healing

Our Mission

To provide a safe, peaceful place for people and horses to experience kindness, hope and healing through equine assisted activities, as well as just relaxing at the stable.

Survivors of
Human Trafficking

Angel Reins Stable is a place of horses and healing. In addition to providing a loving home for rescue horses, our programs serve (at no charge) veterans, survivors of human trafficking and others suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief and more. Located on 40 acres in St. Augusta, MN, a 501c3 nonprofit is in the process of purchasing 10 additional acres adjacent to the barn. On this parcel we are building a stable (indoor arena and office area) allowing us to serve our clients year round.

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Veterans of the
Eagles Healing Nest

Angel Reins Stable is proud to partner with the Veterans of the Eagles Healing Nest, a non-profit organization providing services to veterans located in Sauk Centre. Working with the Vets from the Eagles Healing Nest is not only an honor, but a privilege. Angel Reins provides a safe, peaceful place for the Veterans to relax and heal.

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We offer support and spiritual growth for those struggling with life’s challenges through Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

What does EAL help teach?

  • Boundaries
  • Self-Awareness
  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Angel Reins Stable utilizes EAL with a team approach, which includes a qualified Equine Specialist and horses working together with the client in an arena at all times.

When inside the arena, all the work is done on the ground with the horses front and center, deliberately unhindered and never ridden, and allowed to interact with the client as they wish. This creates the space for the client, with the support of the professional facilitators, to reflect, project, and make deep connections.

Client Centered.

Solution oriented.

Evidence driven.

EAL is very effective because it embraces the science that humans learn best by doing. The model prescribes a hands-on approach where clients are given the space to project and analyze their situations, make connections, and find their own solutions. Since the solutions are personally experienced in conjunction with intellectual understanding, they tend to be deeper, more profound, and longer lasting.


Intelligent Prey Animals: To evade predators, horses have evolved to be extremely sensitive to their environment. They instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues providing us with valuable feedback and insights for other areas of our lives.

Large and Powerful: It’s hard to ignore a horse with their size and presence. We can’t just control a powerful horse. Approaching horses helps us reflect how we approach our relationships and how we can face other big or overwhelming things in our lives.

Herd animals with distinct personalities: Horses are social animals with defined roles within a herd. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. They could be stubborn or they could be playful. In other words, horses are a lot like us.

Angel Reins leaves me speechless. The horses are gentle. If there is a door for Grace, it is this place.

KW, Survivor