Our Angels






Skye, named after the sky, ever changing and ever beautiful.



Once owned by a kind elderly gentleman, she and her half brother, Gideon, joined the herd when their loving owner took ill.  He very much wanted the two to stay together and together they’ll stay at their forever home at Angel Reins Stable.  Cora is known not only for her stately beauty, but also her amazing gait and level head.   Cora offers peace and calm to many wounded souls.


Blue, a Beautiful Grulla Buckskin Mare, Rare as a Blue Moon.

Once a very frightened, anxious, horse with little reason to trust, this sweet mare has opened her heart and gifted us with her heart.  Sometimes referred to as our “Far-away horse”, Blue has a very quiet way about her and an ability to touch the heart and soul of those suffering as she once had.





Chewey & Brumby


The Cats

Stall Cleaners

Katherine Zachman,

For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED HORSES!

Growing up in Northern MN in a family of 10, I dreamed of the day I would have my own horse. When I turned 40, my dream became a reality when I purchased my first horse, a beautiful Black Arabian named Skye. Little did I know my love of horses would lead to Angel Reins Stable, a place of horses and healing.

The mission of Angel Reins Stable was the end goal of Favorite Cowgirl Coffee/Forever Cowgirl, a company I started with the encouragement and support of friends in 2012.

I’ve always had a soft spot for hurting animals or people, so being able to share the horses, dogs, cats, and country life with others is extremely fulfilling. Angel Reins Stable provides a loving forever home to 10 horses, 2 dogs and 10 cats. Five of the horses are rescues, along with all of the cats are and one of the dogs.

It is a blessing to share the peace, relaxation and joy of Angel Reins Stable with others in their quest for healing.

Christine Olson,
Vice Chair/Secretary

Christine Olson has loved horses since her grandfather’s friend built a wooden rocking horse for her as a toddler. Upon getting her first bicycle for her seventh birthday, she soon had located every horse within a three mile radius of her country lake home, and visited as many as she could, every day that she could, with a bag of treats hung on her bike’s handlebars. At the age of nine, she had read nearly every book about horses in the school and county library, and had become best friends with a classmate who lived on a farm nearby her house.

Her friend’s dad believed that all kids on a farm needed to have horses to care for and ride,
and when Christine wasn’t at her friend’s barn with the horses, grooming, feeding, riding them, or just visiting them, she was thinking and daydreaming about them. Anything having to do with horses was a source of contentment and happiness, and during some times of sadness and turmoil within her family, the horses helped her feel secure and loved.

Fast forward many, many years later to a farm where she had brought one of her own young horses for training, where Christine meets a great gal (Kathy Zachman Mathiasen, eventual founder of Angel Reins Stable), who was taking pictures of the training session. A fellow horse lover from birth, they soon became great friends through the special relationships they had experienced in life with horses. Christine is the happy  mom of six horses, including a beautiful little blind mare who was a rescue, and who now is at her forever home at Angel Reins Stable.

Aside from the horse-filled hours in her life, Christine is a small business owner dealing in sales and consulting for the packaging industry, dealing with an array of manufacturing firms.She serves on the board of another non-profit in the Crow Wing County area called Interfaith Volunteers.

Christine is the very happy  mom of six horses, including a beautiful little blind mare who was a rescue, and is now at her forever home at Angel Reins Stable.

Ranone Thompson,
Volunteer Coordinator/Bookkeeper

Ranone fell in love with animals at a young age. When she found herself on the back of a horse shortly after she learned how to walk she was hooked for life.

She worked as a counselor at a horse camp as a teenager and found that horses had a profound effect on people that lead her to a horse program at Hennepin Technical Center.

Her passion for horses and helping people made the decision to join the Angel Reins team a no brainer.

Her hope is that all people suffering from trauma have the chance to see the difference a horse can make on their life.

Allyson Goff,
Board Member/Equine Advisor

I am Allyson, I reside outside of Benson, MN with my husband and daughter along with many animals including 2 miniature horses and 2 horses. I grew up with a love for horses that was only meant to be a hobby. However God had other plans and I am now working full time with horses as the horse program director of an equine program for at-risk teenage youth. We have a large herd with a variety of needs, from retired seniors to young horses in need of training. Horses have touched my life in many different ways, they have taught me how to believe.

Dear Mrs. Kathy

I wanted to thank you for taking us out to see the horses.  I love bonding with Stormy.  I’ll never forget the way she came over to me and let me pet her.  I liked petting her and talking to her it was very therapeutic.  I especially enjoyed the drive.  It was nice talking and listening to music.  Survivor Q